(launched Oct 2011)

Child of the Sea No. 10 launched on the Philippines

The professionally built Tama Moana "blaublixx2" was launched from the beach of Panglao Island on 12. October 2011. After launching it was towed to the Bohol Yacht Club in Tagbilaran where it was waiting for the arrival of the German owner Carsten Leschik and the skipper Klaus Hympendahl. The first turns where planned from Tagbilaran around the Panglao Island back to the launching beach. Also a visit of the beautiful island Balicasag in the southwest of Panglao was realized.

The Wharram professional builder Andy Smith Boatworks situated on Panglao Island has completed the boat in appr. 7 months. The boat is very beautiful. The high building quality was proven by the first turns of the owner and the professional skipper. Many thanks to Andrew Smith and his experienced Philippine crew.

The German owner Carsten Leschik intents to use the boat for day sailing around the islands of the Philippines. He will escape from the Western European way of life to be near to the nature every half a year.

Klaus Hympendahl is well known as one of the two skippers of the Lapita Voyage expedition in 2009. He is very familiar with the Child of the Sea design especially with the exotic crab claw rig and the paddle steering. He has taken over the hard job to instruct an unexperienced beginner in sailing the Tama Moana. At the end the job was done successfully. Many thanks from the now sailor to the skipper!

The French couple from Mauritius is interested in the Tama Moana “Wild Honey” which was built as a sister of the Lapita Voyage boats. The “Wild Honey” is also available at the yard of Andy Smith Boatworks. So the nice family was invited to a test turn with the “blaublixx2” which was already in the water.

"Nice boat!" you could hear every time you meet a Philippine fisherman. They like the two hulls and the large working space on the deck of the Tama Moana. This is "Johnny" who has entered the cat to share everything he has owned with the crew of "blaublixx2".

Arriving the launching beach the “blaublixx2” was retrieved for shelter on the yard of Andy Smith Boatworks. Some improvements will be made and additional equipment will be installed until the next sailing turns on the wonderful Philippines.


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